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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with UCI G Suite

What is UCI G Suite?
UCI G Suite is an installation of online applications that makes communicating and collaborating at school easier and more efficient. The cornerstone of G Suite is Gmail.
What services are included with a UCI G Suite account?
UCI G Suite includes Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Sites, Google Hangouts and Google+. You may find brief descriptions of these tools at the UCI G Suite Hub. As Google develops new tools, UCI and Google will collaborate to bring them to you.
Why is UCI G Suite slightly different from similar services that are provided by Google publicly?
The difference is mostly on the look and feel of these applications. These changes are the inclusion of University logos, banners, and some feeds to the Start Page. Behind the scenes, Google also delegates control of G Suite for UCI and user accounts to UC Irvine system administrators.
What are the recommeded Web browsers?
Google recommends Chrome, but supports the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. For more information, please visit Google's documentation on supported browsers.
Will my personal information be shared with anyone outside of UC Irvine?
No. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.
How do I create a UCI G Suite account?
Set up your UCI G Suite account by visiting the setup instructions for Students or Faculty/Staff. You will need to login with your UCInetID and password.
How do I log in to my UCI G Suite account?
After your account has been created, you may login at
I forgot my UCI G Suite account password, what do I do?
You can reset your UCI G Suite account password.

UCI Gmail

What is UCI Gmail?
UCI Gmail is the UC Irvine version of Google's free Web-based email service, Gmail. UCI Gmail offers a fast, feature-rich, email option. To learn more about the features, visit Google's Gmail information page.
Will my UC Irvine email address change?
Your email address will still be Visit the OIT Email Delivery and Forwarding Email page for additional information.
What is the storage capacity for UCI Gmail?
The storage capacity of a UCI Gmail account is unlimited.
Do I need to agree to a Terms of Service?
Yes. You must agree to the Google Terms of Service (TOS). A copy can be found here. If you do not agree with the Google TOS, do not redirect your email to UCI Gmail or other Gmail account.
Why don't some departments support the use of UCI Gmail?
UCI Gmail may not be supported by some departments because they may use other existing email services or there are strict confidentiality requirements (such as with Health Affairs) that do not allow the use of UCI Gmail.
How do I set up my email client with UCI Gmail?
If you wish to access your UCI Gmail account with an email client such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird, click here and follow the instructions. Remember to use your full email address as the login name and your UCI G Suite password.
How do I set up my smartphone with UCI Gmail?
Please visit Google's Mobile Setup help page for G Suite.
Will my old email be transferred to my new UCI Gmail account?
Your old email will not be automatically transferred to the UCI Gmail account. New mail addressed to (Faculty/Staff can set a reply-to address to their address) will be delivered to your UCI Gmail account. You may manually transfer your old emails to your UCI Gmail account by jumping to "How do I move my email to UCI Gmail?"
How do I move email between a personal Gmail account and a UCI Gmail account?
Google provides a tool to assist in the moving of all your email between two Gmail accounts. For instructions, please visit Gmail Help.
Note: Migration of messages using this tool is not error free. See this page for common errors. This tool will attempt to move ALL messages associated with your personal account to your UCI Gmail account. The simplest path would be to start use of your UCI Gmail account for all your university correspondence as of a given date. OIT has no direct administrative control over Google services, or access to your account or data.

How do I move my OIT provided email to UCI Gmail?
Faculty and Staff, consult your department Computing Support Coordinator before migrating to a new email service.
Students, if you have mail currently stored in your OIT UCI email account, you can manually move your email over to UCI Gmail.
  • Set up your OIT UCI email account in a email client (e.g. Thunderbird) using the OIT email set up page.
  • Then, set up your UCI Gmail account using the instructions for your client from Google's email instructions.
  • Once both accounts have been set up, you may drag and drop email between the two accounts. This will move email from one account to another.
Note: Migration of messages using this method is not error free. Moving too many messages, or large attachments, can make it look like the mail is not moving or disappeared for a time. Mail is moved at the speed of your local network connection. Keep your email client open while email is being moved and move email in batches that your internet connection can handle. Migration of email between the two services can cause lost messages and is not recommended. The simplest path would be to start use of your UCI Gmail account for all your university correspondence as of a given date.

What if I am already forwarding my UC Irvine email to a personal Gmail account?
UCI Gmail is a separate service from a standard Gmail account. If you switch your delivery point to your UCI Gmail account, email addressed to will go to the UCI Gmail account.
Can I send and receive email from other accounts within my UCI Gmail account?
Yes, to change the From: address of your messages, follow the instructions here.
Will my UCI Gmail account be compatible with UC Irvine mailing lists?
Yes. Your account will not change and will still be compatible with UC Irvine mailing lists.
Can I change my email address?
No. Your UCI email address will remain and your UCI Gmail account must remain associated with your UCInetID.
How do I configure a My.Name "From" email addresses (faculty and staff only) in Gmail?
  1. Click the Gears icon at the top right of UCI Gmail, and then click Settings.
  2. Click the Accounts tab.
  3. Click edit info at the right of the "Send mail as" section.
  4. Click Specify a different "reply-to" address.
  5. Enter your MY.Name email address in the provided text box.
  6. Press Save Changes.
How do I set up my signature?
Login to UCI Gmail. Click on the Gears icon at the upper right of the page. Click Settings. Verify that you are in the General tab. Find the Signature section and enter your signature in the box. Now press Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
How do I create contact groups?
Follow the instructions in the "Create groups and mailing lists" doc located on Google's Gmail for G Suite help page.
How can I organize the emails in my inbox?
Gmail is different from email systems you may be used to using. Instead of folders, it organizes things by labels which do pretty much what folders do - and more because a message can have more than one label and can be found under each of the labels assigned to it. For more information about this go to Google's page on organizing mail.
What mobile browser settings are needed to access my account?
Please note: OIT does not provide support for use of mobile devices with UCI Gmail, even if your device is compatible with Google services. Information about settings for mobile devices can be found here.
How will UCI Gmail handle spam and viruses?
When someone sends an email to your UCI email address (, the campus system filters and tags the message for viruses and spam, then sends the email to Google, which also filters for viruses and spam before delivering the message. For more information on Google's spam filters, please visit Google's spam filter information page.
How do I report junk email or account abuse?
Use the Report Spam button to let Google know if you received junk email or a spoofed message. Use the Report Phishing link to let Google know if you have received a phishing message. You will see a red warning message at the top of any emails that are suspected of referencing a phishing site.

PLEASE NOTE: UC Irvine will never ask you to confirm or verify you computing account by providing your password via telephone or email. Requests that ask you to reply to an email or visit a non-campus affiliated Web site to confirm or verify your account by providing your password are phishing scams. DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE REQUESTS-even if they appear to come from an email address ending with

If you think you have provided your password or other personal information in response to a phishing scam, contact the OIT Help Desk immediately at (949) 924-2222.
Some of my emails contain confidential material. How will email privacy be maintained?
Google's Privacy Policies are given here. Note: confidential or sensitive information should NEVER be sent through email. Please read the next question.
How do I switch back to using OIT Mailbox Services?
  1. Go to UCI Phonebook Update. (Login with your UCInetID and password.)
  2. Go to the email section. You have the option to use "OIT MailBox Services" or "UCI Gmail Services".
  3. Select OIT Mailbox Services.
  4. Click the Submit Change Request button.
Messages that were received on your UCI Gmail account will not be transferred over to your email account with OIT Mailbox Services.
I have other questions that are not covered here.
Please visit the Gmail page at the G Suite Learning Center.

UCI Google Drive

Where can I get assistance with UCI Google Drive?
Please visit the Google Drive page at the G Suite Learning Center.
For Documents in Drive, please visit the Docs page at the G Suite Learning Center.

UCI Google Sites

Where can I get assistance with UCI Google Sites?
Please visit the Sites page at the G Suite Learning Center.

Additional Questions and Answers

Can I log on to other Google-sponsored services with my UCI G Suite user name and password (i.e.,, etc.)?
Your UCI G Suite user name and password will only work with the services available within the UC Irvine domain. To access other Google services, you will need to open a non-UC Irvine account through Google. Your UCI G Suite account is separate from Google's other offerings.
Is email a secure form of communication?
Sensitive information should NEVER be sent through email. As recommended in UCI email safety tips, we advise against sending sensitive information via email. There are a number of reasons for this:
  • Email could be intercepted and accessed by an unauthorized party.
  • Email could be shared inappropriately by the recipient.
  • Email could be compromised for as long as it is retained by you or the recipient.
  • There are no retention controls over the recipient's system.
  • Accessing your email over an insecure network (i.e., Internet Cafe or open wireless network) can expose your user account information.
  • Although encrypted connections can mitigate the risks of having ones' authentication credentials compromised, email itself is still plain text when traveling between the sender and the recipient and can be easily intercepted.
  • Regardless of the provider, email is not a secure method of communication. This applies to our current campus email systems as well as most third-party email providers.
What constitutes sensitive information in the context of electronic communications?
Sensitive information is information such as Social Security numbers, driver license numbers, credit card information, medical/health conditions, etc. None of this information should be sent via email, regardless of the email provider. As a general rule, privacy experts advise to consider whether it would be appropriate or desirable for the contents of the email to appear in a public forum (e.g., newspaper). Email operates as a postcard that can easily be read in transit and at the destination by unauthorized parties. It could be retained forever, or shared with unintended readers. For more detail please see UCI email safety tips.
Are there specific risks related to the fact that some of Google's servers are hosted in other countries?
By law, some intellectual property should not be stored outside of the U.S. Individuals handling sensitive materials are reminded not to share this information via email regardless of the email provider. Even an email that is intended for a user within the U.S. can be easily forwarded.

Have more questions? You may contact the OIT Help Desk at or (949) 824-2222.